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Kathleen Foraker

Client Associate

I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York and I recently graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Communications, concentration in PR/Advertising, and a minor in management. I highly enjoyed my time at college and am thankful for everything I learned, although it was unfortunately interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Learning online was a huge change for everyone as we all had to quickly adapt to a brand new system of schooling. I believe it has taught me a lot about adapting to change and has made me comfortable with the big changes that have come my way since.


As I started taking finance classes in school, I quickly realized how important these life topics are and how little is taught at a younger age throughout our many years of school. Finances became much more interesting to me throughout these few semesters, and I continued learning more by working at Merrill Lynch after graduation.

I have always enjoyed having a positive impact on someone’s day and I felt rewarded as I began to make small differences in clients' days while working in wealth management. I am excited to continue learning with OneGroup Retirement Advisors and I enjoy working with a kind and encouraging team.



Outside of work, I love to get outside and stay active while spending time with friends and family. I enjoy going for long walks, hiking in the Adirondacks, or visiting the ocean. I also love to travel as much as possible - some of my favorite places I have been are Scotland, Seattle WA, and El Salvador. I was able to participate in a trip to El Salvador to help the locals who are less fortunate as we dug trenches to provide them with running water, repaint their school building to encourage their learning, and bring new school and medical supplies with us to gift to the people of Rancho Grande. This experience had a significant impact on me and showed me how easily we take simple things for granted. I use this trip as an important reminder for me to step back and be thankful for everything we have, and believe it is paramount for others to do the same.