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Joseph Hatfield, AIF, CPFA

"My passion and purpose is family."

The happiness, health and well-being of my family comes first—for today and for tomorrow. How can I best contribute to securing their future? In this regard, my profession fits my purpose perfectly, because I fully understand the importance of prioritizing for the future and creating long-term security.  

My purpose has been part of my core since I started my career in education. I've always had a clear calling to help and support people and organizations across multiple dimensions of life and business. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, I thoroughly enjoyed a year of teaching high school math and two years as a high school guidance counselor. This experience gave me early insight into the significance of serving as a partner and advisor as individuals, families and institutions make important life choices and business decisions. 

As I considered the impact I wanted to have on others through my professional choices, I knew I wanted to extend my reach. I also knew I could apply the learnings from my career in education to any area of life in which people needed help in solving diverse challenges. A future in financial services was the perfect choice.

I have been a financial advisor since 2004, and a member of the OneGroup Retirement Advisors leadership team since 2018. Partnering with institutions, not-for-profits, individuals and families to help create a future of possibilities has always been my purpose and my passion.

Taking on a challenge and finding a solution is more than a job, it’s part of my DNA. I’ve been competing in triathlons since 2009. With a no-quit personality and an insatiable appetite for winning, I’ve worked my way from local sprint triathlons all the way up to the full Ironman distance. In 2015, I won my age group at the Ironman in Lake Placid, NY, earning the right to compete with the world’s best at the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii. This event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. While grueling, the experience was extraordinary, and exemplary of my commitment to overcome a challenge.

I realize I’m incredibly blessed. My profession is rewarding, and fully aligned with my passion and my purpose. In my free time, while I still compete in triathlons albeit at a lesser intensity than a full Ironman, I focus my energy and attention on my family: my wife Amanda, and children Lilah and Levi. Whether it’s coaching one of their teams, watching them compete in a ballgame, acting in a local production, or dinner together, our journey together is my greatest gift.