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Charles M. Baracco AIF, CPFA, QKA

The story is not the picture alone.

The story is not the picture alone.

During my studies at Loyola College in Maryland (Loyola University Maryland), I first got bit by the travel bug when I spent a semester at the University of Westminster, London during my junior year. Backpacking for a month throughout Europe and weekend trips across the British Isles were just the beginning. 

Following graduation from Loyola, I took a position as an elementary ESL teacher at St. Gabriel's College in Bangkok, Thailand. For just short of two years, Bangkok was home. During the week, I taught English as a Second Language to first and third graders and traveled across Southeast Asia on the weekends and over school breaks. 

My travels have taken me from the Alps to the Himalayas, from India's Golden Triangle to the Jungle Temple in Cambodia, Vatican City and the Temple of Poseidon, and from the Uffizi in Firenze all the way to the Great Chinese Wall. The best part of traveling and being able to have seen all of these sites are the memories created during the journey.  

Following my travels, I returned home to Syracuse. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, my wife Lindsey and I are now raising our three daughters, who are our greatest adventures, there.

If you can't find us tailgating on the SU Hill or closing out the summer at The Great New York State Fair, you may find us at the parks, dance studio or making memories over Legos at the dining room table. Trading in the Lonely Planet guides for a daily planner, Lindsey and I now spend our evenings coordinating a pick up and drop off schedule for the girls. 

Every now and then we get out for a short adventure, be it a nature hike or a family trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. Always enjoying the journey.