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The main objective of OneGroup Retirement Advisors is to understand and address the evolving needs of employers like you. Our goal is to assist in designing a benefits program that helps you attract and retain talent, while creating time and cost efficiencies so you may focus your attention on other important company priorities.


  • Perform an in-depth needs assessment to ascertain whether your current program is working effectively to address employee and organization requirements and objectives.
  • Identify, prioritize and triage areas in need of attention short- and long-term.
  • Engage with organization’s benefits vendors to establish a working relationship, set objectives and develop framework to collaborate and mutually support the organization.

Ongoing Services

Benefits Program Design Assistance

  • Continuously scan and assess existing and emerging products and services in the workplace benefits industry to understand what is available in the marketplace and recommend alternatives that will effectively address employee and organization requirement and objectives. These products and services may include, but not limited to: competitive fee and benchmarking study, employee education, Roadmap to Retirement, and fiduciary support.

Vendor Management 

  • Review your current vendors and product features to assess effectiveness in all areas. Together we can explore additional areas for changes such as technology, administrative ease, customer experience and engagement, service, reporting, risk mitigation and compliance.
  • Monitoring program enhancements and innovation
    Keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and trends to ensure you are offering the most attractive benefits program for you and your employees’ unique needs cost effectively.
  • Service, support, and problem resolution
    Provide a helping hand and source of support and information whenever you need assistance.

Retirement Plan Support

  • Plan Design Consulting
    Focus on key components to drive plan performance. Our team will proactively ensure that your service provider helps analyze and offer strategies and services for improving plan success metrics.

  • Investment selection, fund menu design and investment monitoring
    Even with the most rigorous initial fund selection process, it is important to prudently monitor the investment options in the plan. Regular reviews focused on investment performance, fund fees, and suitability for your employees are important considerations in making investment decisions. Reviews generally include:
    • To help you select, monitor, and evaluate your plan's investment options
    • To help you to stay informed about new investments from your provider
    • Evaluate performance of investment options
    • Provide relevant benchmarking data
    • Analyze investment fees and expenses relative to plan services
  • 3(21) Co-Fiduciary
    Our investment monitoring and selection recommendations are made on a non-discretionary basis. Our recommendations, while considered advice, require your plan sponsor approval. The plan’s record-keeper will only accept direction from the plan sponsor.
  • 3(38) Discretionary management and investment oversight
    Our firm exercises discretionary authority over investment management of the plan, and may make changes without the approval of the plan sponsor.

Employee Engagement

  • Develop, execute, and/or oversee employee financial wellness offering
    Working in concert with the vendor(s), promote employee communication and education programs to all levels and age groups to help employees get on track, stay on track to be financially well. Effective programs feature personalized, highly relevant communications with clear, actionable next steps.
  • Coordinate/Conduct Education Meetings
    Education meetings provide an opportunity to help maximize employees understanding, utilization and appreciation for the benefits you provide.

Our team offers:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Rollover & distribution education
  • College planning
  • Asset allocation workshops
  • Retirement readiness
  • Estate planning
  • Life-stage planning
  • Debt Management
  • Budgeting
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Health savings

Monitoring and Measurement

  • Develop a framework of key performance indicators that define a successful benefits offering based on your organization’s goals and objectives. We will focus on employee outcomes and program effectiveness, inclusive of:
  • Employee wellness and “on track” metrics
  • Program level benchmarking:
    • Peer benchmarking—how does the benefits program compare to employers of similar size and company type
    • Fee benchmarking- ensure that you are receiving competitive pricing from benefits vendors, and that the fees charged for these services are reasonable
  • Monitoring providers and program enhancements
    • Stay abreast of new features and best practices
    • Implementation of agreed upon program improvements
  • Analysis and Review
    • Regularly scheduled meetings
    • Delivery and discussion of the results

Governance and Stewardship

Plans governed by ERISA
Assist with managing administrative tasks and fiduciary responsibilities

OneGroup Retirement Advisors will help you consider and implement best practices to manage and mitigate your fiduciary responsibilities and risk, and to further plan knowledge for your employees. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Establishing, training, and maintaining committee to oversee:
  • The plan's investment options
  • Plan decisions 
  • Service providers
  • Plan fees
  • Documenting processes and procedures
  • Conducting a periodic audit of processes and procedures, including a due diligence review
  • Taking advantage of 404(c) safe harbor
  • Disclose that you intend to comply with 404(c) and allow for participant direction of all investment options
  • Diversify your plan's investment options
  • Monitor your plan's investment options
  • Provide information to participants, and other disclosures that relate to any investment option:
    • Financial information
    • Operating expenses
    • Plan investment performance
    • Participant investment performance
  • Establishing an Investment Policy Statement
  • Establishing an Education Policy Statement
  • Understanding and adhering to written plan document and ERISA
  • Maintaining a written plan document that complies with the rules and regulations governing retirement plans
  • Establish procedures to maintain and follow the plan document
  • Following all required regulatory procedures
  • Satisfy applicable regulatory requirements
  • Satisfy reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Meet ERISA's government reporting requirements
  • Disclose required information to participants and beneficiaries




*For the third year in a row, OneGroup Retirement Advisors has been named one of The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) Top DC (defined contribution) Advisor Teams. This year’s list, which focuses on teams with at least $100 million in AUA, represents more than $1 trillion in DC assets under advisement.  Significantly, those teams include more than 1500 advisors – and many more support personnel – working to help Americans prepare for a financially satisfying retirement in 40 states and Puerto Rico. 

*Mike Tisdell received individual recognition by being named to NAPA’s list of Top Advisors under 40.  The list is compiled based on nominations provided by NAPA Broker-Dealer/RIA Firm Partners. Nominations are vetted by a panel of senior advisor industry experts and evaluated based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. The individual named is widely regarded as future a leader within the retirement plan advisor industry. ​