Historically, Naples, FL's economy has been driven by real estate and agriculture. While still key players in the city's growth, Naples is also home to major land reserves such as Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Park with ecotourism growing alongside the city's population. In recent years, small businesses and large corporations alike have moved into the Southwest Florida area and begun to call Naples home.

From a newly opened office in Naples, FL, OneGroup Retirement Advisors is a full-service investment services firm dedicated to providing comprehensive investment fiduciary advice to plan sponsors. Through our firm’s more than 30-year history, our approach has always been consultative and rooted in trust.

These are just a few of the many tools in our toolbox that help you ensure your qualified retirement plan is optimized, running efficiently, and in accordance with ERISA:

Competitive Fee and Benchmarking Study

Employee Education Roadmap to Retirement

Fiduciary Support

Plan fiduciaries must act as prudent experts under ERISA, and are therefore held to a high standard of care with respect to plan-related decisions regarding investments, service providers, plan administration, and general ERISA compliance issues. Many prudent plan sponsors hire a plan consultant (advisor) to assist them in adhering to ERISA’s rigorous standards, and to work towards their objective of offering a best practices 401(k) plan to their employees.

Our staff is qualified to assist plan sponsors and plan participants in Naples, FL in pursuing their goals. OneGroup Retirement Advisors' professional staff includes seasoned professionals that average 10 years of experience within the industry. All advisors of our firm have obtained their Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF)® designation.